...a vision to equip ex-offenders with skills and/or trades to prepare them as excellent candidates for employment.


2 Locations 

509 Division Street

597 Division Street

Harrisburg, PA




2 Satellite Locations 

 The DUI Trailer

425 Franklin Farm Lane

Chambersburg, PA


PA State Parole Office

630 Norland Avenue, Chambersburg, PA




Locations to be determined 




PA State Parole Office (785 Vogelsong Road, York, PA)





PA CareerLink - 150 V Twin Dr, Gettysburg, PA 17325




Locations to be determined

The L.E.A.D.E.R. Project




The L.E.A.D.E.R. Project

(Leading Ex-offenders & Developing

Employment Readiness) embodies

the vision of former Governor

Leader:  "to mobilize and to work

in collaboration with community

colleges and other training

facilities for offenders to secure

vocational training and enhance

employment opportunities."  

Governor had a vision to equip

ex-offenders with skills and/or trades to prepare them as excellent candidates for employment.  The relationship between CRAM's Founder & CEO, Juanita Edrington-Grant, and Governor Leader influenced Juanita to name the project after Governor when it began in November 2012. 


Unfortunately, Governor met his demise in May 2013.   Funded by the Leader family as a legacy, the project continues consistent with Governor's original statement: “I expect that this program would be carried on for the next five years and I anticipate great results."  It currently covers five counties:  Dauphin, York, Lebanon, Adams and Franklin. The L.E.A.D.E.R. Project initiated in January 2013, in both Dauphin and York Counties, with Dauphin County serving as the pilot program, under the guidance of CRAM, Inc. (Christian Recovery Aftercare Ministry, Inc.) and leadership of CRAM’s Founder & CEO, Juanita Edrington-Grant.  In March 2013, Adams County was added to the Project.  In January 2014, Franklin and Lebanon Counties were added, thereby covering the five counties that Governor Leader envisioned.


The L.E.A.D.E.R. Project, works in partnership with CRAM’s Crime Prevention Project services, to continuously make available other ancillary support services that will assist the offender with a successful reentry back into the community.  (CRAM's: Employment Assistance Project, Computer Literacy Class, Financial Literacy Class, Ex-offender Workforce Development Project, Family Reunification Project, Transportation and Housing Assistance Projects)  The partnership will provide opportunities for CRAM to implement outcome follow-up procedures, as well as to track client progress over the next 1-5 years, with a specific focus on outcomes and recidivism.


Ex-offenders are targeted under partnerships, for which CRAM has long term relationships and currently serving clients in community correctional and halfway back facilities and/or under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and  Pennsylvania State Parole/County Probation System. Referrals will be assessed based on the amount of time to be served in the facility, to assure that the client will complete the vocational program for which he/she will be enrolled.  Assessment will also include the requirement that the client is residing in the specific counties, upon release. After completing the vocational course, CRAM enrolls the client into the Employment Assistant Class, Computer Literacy Class and Financial Literacy Class, to secure employment in the field of the course completed.


Partnership has been successfully established with TLC Renovations and Constructions, LLC.  The owner is an ex-offender (Tarik Casteel) and is currently using ex-offenders to contract under his current business.  TLC employs and trains ex-offenders (on-the-job training)  under its non-profit, TLC Work-based Training, Inc.  On-the-job training is in the construction field, includes/but not limited to: painting, drywall, blueprint reading, carpentry, brick laying, carpet laying, roofing, etc.  CRAM works very closely with the Leader family in keeping them informed of the success of the initiative.


a vision to equip ex-offenders with skills and/or trades to prepare them as excellent candidates for employment


“I expect that this program would be carried on for the next five years and I anticipate great results."  

The Leader Family permits CRAM to seek additional funding through other resources, to increase the number of ex-offenders to be served under the L.E.A.D.E.R. Project, and to expand the project throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

 From January 2013 through April 30, 2014, the Project has developed the following outcomes:


  • 63 clients from York, Adams & Dauphin Counties, received forklift certifications after completing a 1-day course through Harrisburg Area Community College (in collaboration with a grant from Kline Foundation)

  •    4 clients from Dauphin County completed the 14-week Chef course at Channels Kitchen School.

  • 18 clients from York and Dauphin Counties received Asbestos Removal licenses (in collaboration with a $12,000 grant from Stabler Foundation)through a 5-day 40-hour week training sessions.

  • 11 clients from Dauphin County received Lead Abatement certifications (in collaboration with specific funding under the City of Harrisburg) through a 2-4 day training at Cocciardi and Associates, Inc. of Mechanicsburg.

  • 11 clients from Franklin County received Forklift and OSHA certifications at the Franklin County Career and Technology Center.

  • 1 client from Franklin County received his CDL through AAA Truck Driving School under financial assistance and sponsorship from the Leader Project.


The collaboration of a 3-way partnership: CRAM, Inc., the L.E.A.D.E.R. Project and a local nonprofit, TLC Work-based Training Program, Inc. (in partnership with TLC Construction & Renovation, LLC), provides skills and on-the-job training in construction and renovation trades, that certainly enhances the vision of the L.E.A.D.E.R. Project.  TLC owner, Tarik Casteel (a highly successful ex-offender) secures renovation and construction contracts that create employment opportunities and on-the-job training for ex-offenders. 


More importantly, the 3-way partnership empowers ex-offenders and "hard to place individuals" to become self sufficient through employment, secure supportive housing through residential properties managed by the 3-way partnership, secure permanent housing through our mentoring services, entrepreneurship mentoring and other support services needed to experience a positive reentry from confinement to the community.


Governor Leader's daughter, Jane Leader-Janeczek, so graciously picked up the mantel of her father and continues to be consistently involved with the 3-way partnership. Jane is mentoring Juanita and Tarik in areas of financial sustainability for the future of their organizations and the collaboration of the 3-way partnership. Jane's guidance focuses on: how to produce additional services that benefit the client and the community, public safety, successful reentry of ex-offenders, reducing recidivism and generating additional property tax income for the City of Harrisburg.  CRAM receives financial assistance through a monthly donation from the Leader Family Foundation, an annual fundraiser held every October, Board of Director financial support and through applications submitted for grant funds.


In December 2013, CRAM received a $10,000 anonymous donation.  Thereby was the birth of the Housing Project. CRAM currently owns two residential properties:  25 Evergreen Street, Harrisburg, PA which is rented by a family in which the mother is an exoffender and houses the woman and her 5 school age children; and 617 Manor Street, York, PA, which is (May 2015) currently being renovated and will be sold with the proceeds going into CRAM's capital campaign.

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