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About CRAM

CRAM began its first program service in 2002 (Mentoring and Substance Abuse Support) upon its initial recognition as a 501(c)3 faith-based human and social service agency.  CRAM expanded and grew its program services overtime.


CRAM began with the vision to offer services for ex-offenders. We are blessed to have impacted so many lives through the following services we offer:


  • L.E.A.D.E.R. Project

  • Re-Entry Mobile Laptop Services 

  • Employment Assistance Project

  • Project M.E.N.T.O.R.

  • Pre-GED Services

  • Computer Literacy Class

  • Financial Literacy Class

  • Housing Financial Assistance

  • Family Reunification Project

  • Distribution (donation) Center

  • Ex-offender Workforce Development

  • Community Service Project

We are evolving and building strategic partnerships. Our most recent accomplishment is the development of the one-stop service center dedicated to meeting the needs of ex-offender and their families, veterans, and other underserved populations in the capital region. The H.U.B. Campus (The Harrisburg Uptown Building) represents this new vision. ​

About The Founder

Juanita Photo.jpg

In November 1992, she gave her life to God and immediately entered into prison ministry with her spiritual mother (Mother Thelma O. Wright) under Mother Wright's prison ministry (The Society of Volunteer Ministries).  It was Mother Wright's passion and desire that inspired Juanita to begin aftercare services, as Mother Wright said she was "too old to run behind the ex-offenders" upon their release.  Mother Wright, therefore, birthed aftercare ministries into Juanita and Juanita delivered the ministry into a fully operating business, that later developed into a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


In 2002 Juanita Edrington-Grant began to formulate an organization and God gave her a name,


"Christian Recovery Aftercare Ministry"


* Christian - who she is and who she will always be

* Recovery - what she has experienced and what she desires for others to experience

* Aftercare  - what is needed on many levels, after the recovery process has started

* Ministry - regardless of what direction CRAM takes, it will always be her ministry


She identifies her life as that of the "energizer bunny"... she keeps going, and going, and going...helping her peer population of offenders and those struggling with addiction. By providing these services,she is truly fulfilling God's word.

Juanita Edrington-Grant was released from the State Correctional Institution in April 1992. After serving 7 years and 9 months for numerous criminal offenses, and facing 8 1/2 years state parole, Juanita knew it was time to make some significant changes in her life.  While incarcerated from 1986 to 1992, Juanita secured a college education through Penn State University.  She completed the Paralegal program and secured 51 credits towards an associate degree.

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