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Join our team of VIP's & Independent Contractors


Volunteers, Interns, Peer Professionals

Michele King                            Trina Hardison

Deborah Denson                           Jeffrey Edrington

Irene Gillis                                       Elias Joseph

Kimberley Gillis                             Idotress Joseph

Martha Brown                                Demier Casteel

Tam Spells                                      Gina Johnson

Gemini Creamer                            Daffney McCoy

Victor Washington                        Teresa Anderson

Katrina Spears                               Joy Joseph

Andrea Watts

Become a Volunteer

CRAM accepts volunteers, interns and other professionals to serve in many capacities under our program, services and/or administratively.  If you are interested in providing services under any of our programs, please feel free to contact Juanita Grant at 717-234-3664 or

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