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JEG Workshops is led by Juanita Edrington - Grant. These workshops are designed to help individuals to start their nonprofit organizations and to learn the fundamentals on how to grow their organizations by finding grant monies. Our workshops are a standing fundraiser for CRAM Inc. which provides reentry services to returning citizens and their families.


When you decided to experience our workshops you will be pleasantly surprised at how much 'work' we get done together. The goal is to do the 'real work' in the workshop so you can walk away with results.

Below are the details of our workshops. If you are ready to take your organization to the next level complete the form and we will connect with you.

**NEW** If your nonprofit needs office space and/or supportive services that can will show you how to grow a financially strong organization, ask about our Harrisburg HUB CAPS Program. We have a limit of 10 organizations per 6 month semester.

Feel free to email or call with additional questions. / 717-889-6377.  

Ready To Start Your Nonprofit 

Take these workshops

Incorporation Workshop - $200

Legalize your entity. Complete all paperwork to file with the state to incorporate as a non-profit.

After Incorporation Workshop - $200

Establish internal policies. Receive guidance on how to conduct your first board meeting to adopt bylaws and conflict of interest policy. Complete all paperwork required by the IRS to file your application for 501(c)3.

501(c)3 Workshop - $200

Complete application and prepare for submission.

Ready To Grow Your Nonprofit 

Take these workshops

Funds Research Workshop - $200

Find the money. Research the provided resources to locate funding on a local, state, and federal level.

Grant Writing Prep Workshop - $200

Write the 5 primary sections of a grant: mission, vision-logic model, budget, and outline of program activities.


Grant Writing Workshop - $200

Apply for 2 - 3 grants AND receive one successfully awarded grant as a reference. 


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Juanita Edrington - Grant

Nonprofit Consultant & Founder of CRAM INC.

  • 15 Years of Experience

  • Established 100+ Nonprofit Organizations

  • Acquired 2.5 Million Dollars in Grants

Let Us Know How We Can Help!

Thanks for submitting! We contact you within 24-48 hours to learn about how we can help. Need immediate assistance contact us a 717-385-8806.


“Juanita is not only knowledgeable but she is very encouraging."

- Cynthia Spencer

“Juanita is about empowering people as well as the community."

- Patricia Knight

"I am so sorry it to me so long to take this workshop. This workshop has me on fire to improve and develop my nonprofit organization."

- Nathaniel Gadsden


" I am excited to use & recommend this class because it "Cracks The Codes of the Fundraising Formats!"

- Amber A Penrose


"I feel less apprehensive with tackling the task of Grant Writing. The information given along with the examples make it seem accomplishable"

-Wanda Lanier


"I'm really excited about the financial freedom that has just been afforded to me because of the knowledge I have received from this workshop"

- Wiashane Lanier-Culpeper

JEG Workshop Success Story

Learn how the Young Women's Empowerment Academy was able to grow after taking a

JEG Workshop