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Harrisburg Uptown Building

Coalition And Partnership Services

This program is sponsored by CRAM Inc. and led by Juanita Edrington - Grant. The proceeds from this program benefit CRAM Inc.  


HUB CAPS is a program designed as an office incubator, to help nonprofit startups. Our goal is to give agencies the support needed to build a sustainable organization while implementing its day to day operations.


Members of HUB CAPS have the opportunity to reduce overhead expenses, gain hands on fundraising experience, and receive mentorship with Nonprofit Consultant Juanita Edrington - Grant. Here are the services offered under this program......


  • 1 day a week office space

  • Development of initial fundraiser

  • Access to computer lab

  • Discounted lounge rental

  • Discounted conference room

  • Parking space

  • Discounted mailbox

  • Private telephone line in office

  • Desktop computer

  • Weekly consultation with Juanita Grant

  • Discount on JEG Nonprofit Workshops ($75 each)


The program fees are based on the program option chosen. Click here to access the HUB CAPS program packet.  HUB Caps is a 6 month program. With an initial investment of $300 to get started. During the enrollment process we help our members start their first fundraising campaign in effort to offset the remaining cost of the program.


If you are interested in joining the HUB CAPS Program click  here to complete their nonprofit questionnaire or  call us at 717-385-8806. 

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